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I'm a Web/App/Mobile Developer, Architect & Consultant, work as bouncingfish, Created @tweet4me, @buffer4me. I build cross-platform apps in Titanium, I work for clients in the UK, USA, I'm as speaker on Mobile development and am currently authoring two books on Titanium.

The Fitbit Force - Great idea, but don’t expect any support or a warranty.

I’ve been using the fitbit app for some time on my 5S and it’s very cool - picks up the Motion chip data and provides some cool stats on daily activities.

To try to improve the data I was getting, I invested in a Fitbit Flex, purchased via Amazon - it arrived and hooked it up to the app and worked great. However I read about the Fitbit Force, an updated version with a screen, sleep tracking and silent alarms.

So I returned the Flex and bought a BNIB (Brand New In Box) Force from a US seller.

Couple of weeks later it arrived - and it’s VERY cool with a screen that shows time, calories, alarms and other stats and it’s pretty accurate.

The only problem? The screen isn’t aligned properly - VERY poor quality control.

To be clear, the Fitbit works great - but the screen isn’t right and that’s not acceptable.

So, I contact Fitbit support, I’m asked to send some details including photos, details of where it was bought etc.

I provided the info and then got the following from “Sylvia D” at Fitbit.

Hi Jason, 

Thank you for providing us with your shipping information, as well as with a copy of the purchase receipt of your Fitbit Force and a photo showing the damage.

Unfortunately, because your Fitbit Force was purchased through an unauthorized reseller, it does not fall within our limited warranty. For a list of our authorized retailers please visit http://www.fitbit.com/where-to-buy.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


Sylvia D and the Fitbit Team

In other words, we don’t give a shit about the quality of our products, or offer a warranty and will use any excuse to get out of it - go sort it out yourself.

Fair to say I won’t be buying one of these for my wife, won’t be recommending them and won’t be buying any other Fitbit products in the future.


Feb 19, 2014

Normal TV + empty wine glass = pseudo 3D effect - try it now…

1. Take an empty wine glass.

2. In your right hand take the glass by the stem and hold it up to your right eye and look into the top of the glass so you’re looking directly down the stem (the glass should be encompassing your eye)

3. Now tilt the glass so the stem moves to your right so you’re now looking into the glass but to the left side of it with the top of the stem shifted to the right of your eye. This allows you to see through with your eye but with a slight distortion

(This could be a left-hand right-hand thing so if you’re left handed do the opposite)

4. Keep both eyes open so your left eye is now seeing normally, your right is “in” the glass looking down the edge of it.

5. Now look at the TV and watch something

When I’ve done this it *seems* like the distortion through one eye mixed with the normal sight of the other creates and effect which appears to give the picture some depth.

You can move the glass to adjust the distortion

Once you have the effect you can close the eye that’s looking in the glass and immediately see the image go normal and flat again, open your eye and you see depth again.

Would love to know if others see this or if I’m just a crazy-bastard.


Jan 8, 2014

Tags 3D effect odd

On the 12” iPad Rumors

As usual with the start of a new year, lots of speculation on what Apple will be releasing over the next 12 months; new iPhones, a Television (again) and the infamous iWatch.

Another big rumor is a larger iPad with a 12” screen.

I don’t get it.

More specifically, I don’t get the need for just a bigger iPad.

I replaced my iPad 4 with an Air and it’s great — it’s thinner, lighter and easier to hold than previous models.

But compared to the iPad Mini, even the Air feels like a big old “luggable”. For me and for many, the iPad Mini with a retina display is the perfect sized iPad.

It feels great in one hand — still has a gorgeous display and you get all the pixels of the iPad Air in a smaller package. It’s easier to port around, runs all the same software, and is a great eBook reader.

So why would anyone need an iPad that’s almost twice the size, heavier and runs the same software?

The rumors claim it’s for the enterprise market, and it may be a game-changing hybrid device running OSX and iOS.

I still don’t get it.

With the battery life improvements with latest Apple laptops, and the fact that OSX is way more powerful than iOS, why would you use a machine that ran both, and why would you use the iOS part when you can run OSX and still get all day usage?

Hold on…let’s just think about this.

Imagine a MacBook that looks like a MacBook Air - it’s light, thin, runs OSX, has great battery life. It’s got a Retina screen and is touch enabled. Imagine it runs full blown OSX just like a normal MacBook.

(At this point yes - Apple once said no to touch screen Macs - but they also said no to a smaller iPad and claimed a 3.5” iPhone screen was the perfect size.)

Now, imagine you can grab the screen on this MacBook and remove it from the keyboard unit by some (clever) mechanism, and when you do that, imagine the screen then is the iPad.

A full-blown, 12” iPad, that runs iOS but when plugged back into the main unit, becomes a slave screen to display what’s on the MacBook.

Sure you could also switch to iOS mode on the screen, use the full-blown keyboard if you like (while maybe OSX sleeps) but my point is, the guts of the OSX device sits in the keyboard itself and the screen is essentially an iPad, with the ability to directly connect to the keyboard unit and become a screen.

Now take this further - allow the keyboard to be plugged into a monitor and you have the best of both worlds - a full-blown OSX experience and takeaway iOS tablet - and you can use both at the same time.

You’re not carrying a MacBook and iPad anymore. You’re carrying one device, which you can use in iOS or OSX mode OR you can detach the screen for a pure iOS experience.

Now that is a game-changer, and that I get.

Jan 5, 2014

Fix for Appcelerator Platform Liveview “connection refused” issue on Android x86 emulator

Appcelerator Studio includes Liveview, a feature which lets you edit your source and see changes almost instantaneously on the simulator, emulator and device.

One issue I’ve found though is that using the x86 based Android emulator results in “connection refused” errors where Liveview can’t connect.

The solution, is to hack a couple of files in order to tell Appcelerator Liveview that you’re using the x86 version.

(This requires you to have Appcelerator Studio and Liveview installed)

1. Go to spotlight

2. Type “8324

3. You’ll see some files including liveview.js and require.js

4. Open liveview.js and around line 383 you’ll see:-

var defaultURL = (process.platform === 'android'
&& process.hardware === 'sdk') ? '': 'FSERVER_HOST';

change this to :-

var defaultURL = (process.platform === 'android' 
&& (process.hardware === 'sdk' ||
process.hardware === 'Android SDK built for x86')) ?

5. open the require.js file and make the same change around line 69 Save the files (take backups if you like) and re-run the project - obviously these changes may be lost if you re-install / update the SDK.

Sep 30, 2013

Awesome email

My name is Vladimir Kupriyanchuk.
I developed an interest in you.
If you have the opportunity then please send me information materials(samples) and souvenirs(stickers, pen, t’shirt, notepad, poster or other).
I would be very grateful.

Aug 21, 2013

Adventures of a CEO who still ♥ to code: Thoughts on Ti.Next ∞


I announced a pretty significant effort around Titanium last week during my keynote presentation at TiConf Baltimore. We’re calling the next major milestone Ti.Next — short for the next generation platform for Titanium.

If you haven’t seen the slides, you can check them out over at

"TiNext" is going to be insane.

Jul 2, 2013

tiConf US - America's first and premier community-run, mobile development conference focused on Appcelerator Titanium in Baltimore, Maryland 28-29th June 2013 ∞

tiConf is an awesome event for any developing with Titanium and Appcelerator products. Come along and meet the community, see some great talks and attend some awesome workshops on Titanium development.

Apr 23, 2013

"Do you have a budget?"

Prospect:  “I want an app that does this”

Me: “Do you have a budget?”

Prospect: “Of course, every project needs a budget:”

Me: “Can you tell me your budget please?”

Prospect: “$200”

Me: “Have a nice day”

Feb 25, 2013

Love the Disqus thread migration tool

Migrating threads from one blog to another

1. Download the template CSV file

2. Update the 2nd column to be the new URLs for your new blog post urls

3. Upload 

4. Wait


Jan 8, 2013

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Jan 8, 2013

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